Happiness and Peacefulness


Welcome! I am very happy you are here!

The purpose of this website is your Happiness. With that in mind, I am sharing with you some of my inspiring, uplifting, and motivating thoughts and ideas in a variety of topics, as well as Meditation and Life Guidance based on the Teachings of Great Ones, Sages and Scriptures.


We all need help from time to time to deal with Life and its ups and downs, excitement from achievements and depression from disappointments. Some of us also have the intense desire to find true Happiness, or search within ourselves to find lasting Peacefulness.


In the everyday, worldly, practical sense, Meditation enables us to deal with our problems effectively, unclutters our mind and see things in the right perspective. It helps us to do our job or duty well. It facilitates focus and clarity of mind. It promotes good physical and mental health. It generates Love, Kindness, Forgivingness to ourselves and to others. In modern terms, it helps us “Be Cool”!

In a higher spiritual sense, Meditation is the means to retrace our steps back to our Real Nature which is Being-Consciousness-Bliss. It is knowing our Real Self, sometimes called Self-Realization.

There are no restrictions such as age, religion, gender, time, place, posture, outfit etc. for learning and practicing meditation. What restrictions are there to learn about being happy in life? Same thing. In fact, Happiness is our real nature, right now and always. That is why we long for it. Meditation is the means for refreshing or regaining it.

Meditation is Life

There is no difference between Meditation and Life. Living with God in Mind is Meditation. Meditating while performing one’s duty is Life. Therefore, Meditation is Life.

These two quotes by Sri Ramana Maharshi, elucidate further.

“M.: Meditation is your true nature now. You call it meditation, because there are other thoughts distracting you. When these thoughts are dispelled, you remain alone, i.e., in the state of meditation free from thoughts; and that is your real nature which you are now attempting to gain by keeping away other thoughts. Such keeping away of other thoughts is now called meditation. When the practice becomes firm, the real nature shows itself as the true meditation.

D.: What is the exact difference between worldly activity and dhyana (meditation)?
M.: There is no difference. It is like naming one and the same thing by two different words in two different languages.”

Let’s Meditate, Contemplate and and also Live a Fulfilled Life

So sit comfortably, overlooking the ocean of bliss and its infinite beauty, and Meditate. Ponder over the ideas here, and understand that Happiness is Within, and it is always present, right here, right now. All we have to know is that everything is alright, things always work out, just be happy.

Here are some Gems of Wisdom from Great Sages that you may find useful. Contemplating on these is itself Meditation.

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Artistic slides and Melodious Music. 

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