Injustice ? Blame it on God ? Not wise.

Cheer Up! Stay Positive. Be Calm.

Injustice ? Blame it on God ? Not wise.

Injustice ? Blame God ? Not wise.

Injustice ? Blame it on God ?

Sometimes there is injustice in this world. For no reason, people treat us badly. Or an event happens that does not make sense. Or a terrible tragedy occurs. We ask ourselves, “Why? Why did this happen to me? I didn’t do anything wrong. It wasn’t my fault this time.”

We search for answers and sometimes there is none. It just happens. So we start blaming God first. “There is no God”, we say. “If there is an all-pervading, all-mighty, good, fair, just God, why should this unjust event happen to me?”, we ask. Strangely, only when something bad happens we blame God, but when something good happens we ourselves take full credit for it!

First of all, let’s understand something about God. We don’t really, personally know God or God’s intentions. Let’s just say, the incident happened, that’s all. But just because we don’t understand something, we don’t have to give it up all together. For example, some students may not understand Algebra very well or find it difficult, that does not mean they should stop taking the course or going to school itself. Same way, just because we don’t understand God and the incidents that happen to us, it does not mean we have to give up learning about God and following spiritual practices altogether.  Eventually it may give us happiness and peace of mind.

Secondly what we have to understand about God is that, IT seems to be a Force that is neutral and equal to everyone. Some call it Nature. Some call it God or Higher Power. This Force or Power seems to be like a Great Friend. True friends never interfere in our business. They let us be. But they are there when we need them. When we humbly ask them to help us, they help us according to what we need from them. God, or the Force or the Higher Power seems to be the same way. If we think we can handle everything ourselves, IT leaves us alone. If we approach it, and humbly request for help, IT helps us. So God is not someone we should take for granted, but God is someone who is a bonus, an extra gift, a fringe benefit, for us. So let’s not blame everything on God.  But instead find out if God can be of any help to us.

One more thing about God,  or Nature or the Force or the Higher Power.  IT seems to be a lot more powerful than human beings. And since IT is beyond the states of existence, beyond the laws of human beings, it must be able to change destiny and help us more than any human being can. So instead of blaming God for something bad that happens to us, it would be wise to pray and ask for help when we meet with problems.

When there are those little unjust things that sometimes happen to us, we complain about them. But there are also great afflictions for some. Like terrible diseases especially for children, dreadful accidents, innocent lives that are sacrificed in wars, horrendous financial losses etc. What about the injustice in these cases? Who can explain them?  But we can learn how to deal with them. And one way is to follow the words of those who can teach us about these things, who have themselves overcome these trials and tribulations, or Saints, Sages and Scriptures.

But what is amazing is that during these above pains and misfortunes, we find that somehow everyone copes up with these tragedies and awful events. Some Power gives the necessary healing capability and the wisdom to cope up with these situations. There is miraculously someone kind who becomes available to help us. In illnesses, wonderful doctors and nurses take care of us, with great kindness. Sometimes, family or friends or even strangers offer gracious help. This we can call God’s Grace.

When misfortunes hit us, we become agitated, restless, unhappy and suffer pain. In these situations, when we associate with God and follow the teachings of Sages who were themselves peaceful and happy, we become calm too and obtain the power of acceptance, forbearance, endurance, tolerance and the fortitude to overcome the affliction that came to us.

So let’s not blame everything on God; instead, let’s be wise and use God’s Power to help us to deal with injustices and problems of life.

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