Pondering on Words of Wisdom

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Pondering on Words of Wisdom

Pondering on Words of Wisdom

It will be very beneficial to ponder upon Words of Wisdom. Whether before starting the day’s activities, or any time during the day, it will help to make the day go easier. It will make us calm and it will help us to take things with the right perspective. In the long run, it will help to have lasting peace of mind.

Self-improvement techniques generally fall under the categories of Practice and Dispassion. In broad terms, Practice is concentrating on one good thought; Dispassion is keep away from disturbing thoughts. Effort is needed for both of these.

Practice involves Meditation, Breath-Control and Self-Enquiry. When we venture into the Practice of Meditation, the mind may protest. It may not contain the strength or the right attitude for Meditation. But when we ponder over inspirational words and passages, they create the necessary strength and conducive atmosphere in the mind. The more we reflect and ponder on the  teachings and techniques of Wise Ones, and understand their purpose and goal, the more prepared the mind will get for meditation and self-enquiry. Just pondering on words of wisdom itself can create peacefulness in our minds.

Practice makes perfect is a well-known statement. Typically, it relates to worldly accomplishments. In the spiritual realm, Practice literally leads one to Perfection. So say the Sages. The more we practice meditation and self-enquiry, the happier and more peaceful we become, without really consciously changing our normal life routines. But it is not easy to do so. The mind needs incentives. It needs coaxing. This is where pondering upon the teachings of Wise Ones has a great impact. Their words have power because they are true. Remembering them and contemplating on them gives us the strength to pursue both worldly and spiritual matters efficiently.

Dispassion may seem like a very difficult task and gives the wrong impression that it is only fit for hermits. It is often mistaken as total lack of interest in life and to act like a zombie. So it turns us off. But in truth, it is something we often hear and mention in our normal lives. For example, we hear and say things like “You are the company you keep”, “Keep company with the wise and you will become wise”, If you make friends with stupid people, you will be ruined. “, “Money does not buy Happiness” an so on. We also hear parents say to their children, ““I don’t want you hanging around those kids.” What is dispassion in simple terms? It is to find out what causes unhappiness and stay way from it. When you see it this way, it makes perfect sense. But dispassion too is not easy to follow. For dispassion too, we need encouragement and a gentle push from words of wisdom. And for this, pondering over practical teachings will help immensely. 

Whether it is for leading a happy, fulfilled life, or for pursuing a spiritual path with a higher goal, pondering over Words of Wisdom is essential.


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