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Meditation is Cheerfulness, not Gloom

Cheer Up! Stay Positive!

Meditation is Cheerfulness, not Gloom

Meditation is Cheerfulness, not Gloom


In the Hindu Sanatana Dharma, Religion or Spirituality means Cheerfulness, Joy, Celebration, Happiness and Peace of Mind. The word “Gloom” has no place in it. Every religious festival is a celebration. Weddings and major events in one’s life always constitute worship of God in a cheerful manner, accompanied by fun. Even small personal celebrations such as a birthday or wedding anniversary is typically started with some kind of worship to God. Devotional music in India, especially South India, is very cheerful. The melodies and tunes are lively and enthusiastic. It is about celebrating the Blissful Self, so there is no sadness in it. The concentration is not on “sins” and negative reinforcing.  It is on God or “goodness” and positive reinforcing.

There is no difference between Meditation and Life. Living with God in Mind is Meditation. Meditating while performing one’s duty is Life. Therefore, Meditation is Life. Is there a special time or place to seek happiness? In fact, Happiness is our real nature, right now and always, say the Sages of India. They explain that we have somehow veered from that Happy State and have identified ourselves with fantasies and attachments that cause misery. All our attempts in meditation are to remove the false layers or coverings that we have accumulated.  The Real Self is blissful and never changes. 

So it puzzles me when I see some people getting so sombre and gloomy when they talk about Meditation and God. It is as though there are two parts in one person. People go to work, or a party, or other events in life as a normal, ordinary human being. They want to laugh, be happy and cheerful, be themselves and have fun. But as soon as the topic of religion or meditation comes, or they have to go to a place of worship, the same people become so different. Their expressions change from joy to a gloomy, dull look. They look like they just lost their job, or wallet or someone of great value to them! They say things that are unnatural and weird.  Sages only say, “Be your Self!”. They never say, “Be gloomy!”.

The truth is that spiritual practices and meditation are meant for us to be happy; not for making us gloomy, sad or depressed. Good values are not recommended to take the fun away from someone. They are recommended because they ease the mind and create peace. Good thoughts and deeds produce happiness. Bad thoughts and deeds create unhappiness. These are proven facts that are experienced by everyone. That is why good values are recommended.

Yes, we do need to seek a quiet place to study, contemplate or meditate. We do have to repent for our misdeeds. We do have to seek forgiveness from God. We do have to turn inward and be quiet and learn how to reform and improve ourselves. We do have to take getting back to our Real Self seriously.

But none of this means we have to be gloomy and depressed. In fact, it beats the very purpose for which we are doing all these things, which is to be Happy and Peaceful ! So let’s be cheerful, while facing and tackling the problems of the world skillfully, and remembering God or the Guru as much as possible.

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