Unspiritual environment

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Unspiritual environment

Unspiritual Environment

Unspiritual Environment


It is not always that everything is conducive to being spiritual or to meditate. Sometimes, we may find that others close to us do not have an inclination towards introspection and contemplation. They may not only be extremely outgoing and too much involved in worldly matters, but they may also not tolerate others who turn inward, may sneer at them or criticize them as acting holy. They may cling to a certain kind of religious worship and be sarcastic about other forms of spiritual practices.

So what do we do under these circumstances? I believe that when you are earnest in your goal and sincere in your longing for peace of mind, you will be shown a way out of obstacles and hurdles towards making efforts for that. Practicing Meditation results in some calmness, and the strength to deal with such ordeals. Turning to the Teachings of Sages whenever we are distressed by something, definitely helps us to deal with our problems, whatever they are. These Sages are not ordinary people. They are enlightened beings, fully aware of the Higher Self and abiding in Bliss.

Here is an example. Just reading this and pondering over this again and again will help us get stronger.


Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj had this conversation with a devotee.

Q: What can one do when one finds oneself in a very unspiritual environment?

M: Do nothing. Be yourself. Stay out. Look beyond.

Q: There may be clashes at home. Parents rarely understand.

M: When you know your true being, you have no problems. You may please your parents or not, marry or not, make a lot of money or not; it is all the same to you. Just act according to circumstances, yet in close touch with the facts, with the reality in every situation.

Q: Is it not a very high state?

M: Oh no, it is the normal state. You call it high because you are afraid of it. First be free from fear. See that there is nothing to be afraid of. Fearlessness is the door to the Supreme.

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