Vasu (Vasundhara)

Vasu (Vasundhara)

Vasu (Vasundhara) is a Software Engineer, Singer, Writer and Recipe Artist, with a well-rounded personality and a positive, cheerful temperament. But the most important thing she cherishes is Inner Self-Improvement leading to Peace and Happiness.

Vasu was extremely fortunate to come across Great Teachings of India for Life and Meditation. When facing Life and its constant activities, trials and tribulations, she finds reading, pondering and practicing this Guidance to be absolutely helpful in dealing with them efficiently and effectively. She is simply sharing that knowledge with those of you who are interested in it, while constantly learning from it herself. She designed and developed this website for solely that purpose.

This website is a courageous effort on Vasu’s part to be of some service to the world, but she believes what Sri Ramana Maharshi says : “Where is the courage is saying things as they are?”

Vasu has made sincere efforts to make this website pleasing, interesting, useful and fun in many ways. Her main mission is bring a little joy, happiness and peacefulness in your life. Hope you like this website and find it useful.  Please leave a message. Thanks!