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Appearances can be deceptive

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Appearances can be deceptive

Appearances can be deceptive

Appearances can be deceptive


Appearances can be deceptive

We cannot always go by how a person appears to be. Some people may be smiling all the time, but that does not necessarily mean they are truly nice or happy people. On the contrary, some people may appear serious and quiet, but that does not necessarily mean that they are mean or unhappy people. In other words, appearances can be deceptive.

A person may be very sweet to us, but their intentions may not be all that sweet. And someone may appear unfriendly to us, but they may be in fact having our welfare in mind. Also, one may look fine and shower flattering compliments, but they may never mean it. You see, sometimes appearances can be deceptive. We cannot judge someone by their appearance alone.

Selfish people who don’t really care about us will usually say nice things we like to hear even though they are not true. This way, we can never fix and improve ourselves. People who love us or care about us, may sometimes say things that may not be sweet or agreeable to hear, but may be good for us. They may wake us up to see our faults and correct them so that we will be better and happier.

Words and actions themselves are not as important as the motive behind them. A doctor and a murderer may both use a knife to perform their actions, but the motive behind them is totally different. One is saving a life and offering someone a better quality of life. The other is taking a life and hurting someone and society. 

Of course, to smile, laugh and be cheerful is good, if that truly reflects our inner happiness. But we cannot judge everyone’s mental state by their demeanor or the way they express themselves. One may be quiet and morose but mentally peaceful and tranquil. Another may be outwardly exuberant but mentally restless and perturbed.

First impressions may sometimes give a clue about someone or indicate their nature. But they are not totally reliable. The only way we can find out if someone is genuine, well-wishing, happy and peaceful is to know them well, or feel peacefulness in their presence or company. Until then, we have to take everyone who appears sweet and bubbly with a grain of salt, and give everyone who appears serious or unfriendly the benefit of the doubt.



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