Be free from thoughts. Do not hold on to anything.

Think of God, Meditate on God, Trust God

Be free from thoughts. Do not hold on to anything.

Be free from thoughts. Do not hold on to anything.

Ramana Maharshi advises someone as follows:

Talks with Ramana Maharsh – Talk 472

M.: Be free from thoughts. Do not hold on to anything. They do not hold you. Be yourself.

When I sit down for meditation, I usually take an advice from the Master and start pondering over it. This time it was the above. As soon as I try to quieten my mind, several thoughts rush one after other. Problems that did not show up as being important before, now appear as though they are overwhelming. Mind wanders and strays to its favorite channels of interests, mostly due to thinking habits.

Then I bring my mind back and remind myself of the great teaching of the Master. He is right. The objects don’t hold me. They are there and I am here. I am the one who is holding on to the memories of those objects and thinking about them. Why should I do that? They don’t seem to be really beneficial. It is my choice whether I take them seriously or leave them alone. These thoughts are the ones that are taking away my peace of mind.

By thinking of what the mind suggests, it does not seem to end there. As soon as that thought is pacified, another rises in its place. Thus I go on working my mind and tiring it out. The mind becomes cluttered and makes clear thinking difficult. Why should I attend to every thought that arises? Why not try to stay with the feeling “I am, I just am”, at least during the brief period of meditation?

By not thinking unnecessarily, life does not seem to stop. Life seems to go on. Actions and activities seem to happen by themselves as they are supposed to. Problems don’t seem to have been solved because of the furious thinking during meditation or at other times. In fact, if my ego does not intervene, they seem to go on even better.

Self-enquiry is very important to calm the mind. The Sage’s great teaching is, “Whenever a thought arises, immediately ask ‘To whom is this thought?’ The answer would be ‘To me.’ Then ask, ‘Who am I?’. Then the thought will subside and the mind will become calm.” It is the ego, or the primary ‘I’ thought that causes all other thoughts to rise. By focussing on the phantom ego-I, it subsides and the mind becomes quiet and feels its natural, self-existent happiness of the Real-I at least for that split second. The more we practice this self-enquiry, the more the mind gets used to abide in its natural happy state. Our perspectives in life will also become clearer.

We have to ask ourselves often and especially in meditation, “How come I did not think these thoughts in deep sleep, and yet I was so peaceful. Who is this ‘I’ now who wants to think?” The Sage says, “why should there be difference in the feelings or experiences of the two states (deep sleep and waking state)?” He adds, “Engage yourself in the living present. The future will take care of itself. Do not worry about the future.” This helps a great deal in decreasing the amount of thinking and reducing the burden in our minds that is already clogged with responsibilities and worries.

The most important thing and the highest priority for us is to keep in touch with the teachings of Great Sages. When we associate with their peaceful minds and their tranquil teachings, their Happiness, Peace, Tranquility and Grace attaches to our minds. Nothing else can help us to deal with our lives effectively and happily.  The good results may not be tangibly perceptible, but they will occur gradually but surely.

Your nature is Happiness. Just be Happy!
Forgive us our trespasses


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