Meditation Theory and Practice

Think of God, Meditate on God, Trust God

Meditation Theory and Practice

Meditation Theory and Practice

Meditation Theory and Practice

Meditation is like giving luscious, fresh grass to a roguish bull to calm it and make it peaceful. There are several definitions floating around for Meditation.  However, if you are serious about practicing Meditation, I would like you to visit the links shown at the end of this article, to get genuine, in depth, practical guides for effective Meditation techniques by Sri Ramana Maharshi.

To start with, in a nutshell, in any worldly, materialistic project, one has to have the following criteria. It is the same with meditation too.

1) Clear requirement(s)

2) A good design

3) Effective implementation.

Clear Requirement(s):

In the matter of Meditation, it is essential to have clear requirements. One has to ask the question: What do I want from this? For example, primary requirements could be Peacefulness, Happiness, Knowing the Real Self. Each one of us has to sincerely ask ourselves this question in our minds and get an answer. The answer could be one thing at first, but as we progress in our Meditation, it could be different and hopefully more profound and enlightening. But there is no point in starting something without being clear about why we want to do it.

A Good Design:

Preparation is key to the success of any venture. For example, if you take cooking, before you start making the dish, you have to prepare for it. First of all, you have to have a proper stove and a clean kitchen. Then you have to make sure you have all the necessary ingredients, tools and accessories. Of course, you must have a recipe. The same way, for Meditation, you must find a quiet, clean spot to sit down. It can be a chair or the floor, but adequately comfortable and soft. You can study the teachings of the Guru or Scripture before you sit for Meditation to put you in the mood of meditation. You can have a book in front of you from which you can read a favorite verse now and then to give you confidence. Or you can have a picture of God or Guru in front of you to refresh your mind with a soothing influence and the availability of the ever-present Grace.

Effective Implementation:

You already have clear requirements. You have come up with a good design. Now the time has come to implement it. To follow the process of Meditation that you have chosen is the beginning of effective implementation. The goal is to quieten the mind. The primary process is the elimination of thoughts. So one has to follow the teachings of the Guru or Scripture and try to meditate accordingly. Whenever the mind wanders away from meditation, as soon as this is detected, attempts should be made to bring it back and rest in meditation. You must coax your mind by reminding yourself that reducing or eliminating thoughts is going you make you happier. As aids or accessories, sometimes you may want to repeat a Mantra or Om or a Holy Name to help concentration and focus, and to stop the wavering of the mind. Or sometimes, you may want to watch the movements of your breath, just the breathing in and breathing out. Then when the mind is steadied a little by these methods, you can get back to your meditation.

Now, here are the wonderful links to Meditation. Follow them, and the results will be Peacefulness, Happiness, and various other benefits! But the results will be gradual, so hang in there!

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