Stillness of mind is not dullness

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Stillness of mind is not dullness

Stillness of mind is not dullness

Stillness of mind is not dullness


Some people misunderstand that meditation and self-enquiry means living life like a zombie with no enthusiasm or zest for life. They think that these things are only for old people who have no passion for life or lively activities. These are misconceptions.

Being mentally still does not mean dullness. In fact, it is intense activity. During meditation, the whole mind is active and concentrating on the Source of Being, the “Real I”.

Deep quietness of mind should not be confused with idleness or stupidity. It is not laziness either. It is non-action of the mind.

Ramana Maharshi says about this as follows :

Non-action is unceasing activity. The sage is characterised by eternal and intense activity. His stillness is like the apparent stillness of a fast rotating top (gyroscope). Its very speed cannot be followed by the eye and so it appears to be still. Yet it is rotating. So is the apparent inaction of the sage. This must be explained because the people generally mistake stillness to be inertness. It is not so.

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