• Manomaya

    Made up of mind; composed of mind.
  • Mantra

    Mantra is (originally in Hinduism and Buddhism) a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. It can also be a Vedic hymn. Mantra is typically a word, statement or slogan repeated frequently. For example, AUM or OM (pronounced Ohm) is the original, divine Mantra in India. It stands for the Almighty that is the Beginning, Middle and End of all Beings.
  • Mauna

    Silence, Mental Silence, Inner Tranquillity ~~~ Mouna
  • Maya

    The Great Illusion that projects the world and veils our Real Self. To remove this illusion and realize one's Blissful, Immortal Nature, Self-Enquiry in the manner of "Who am I ?" becomes essential and the most effective and direct means. Maya-Illusion